Gifts of Securities

Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

If your portfolio includes appreciated securities, you may find it advantageous to use these assets to make a gift to Barnard. If you donate to Barnard appreciated securities that you have owned for more than one year, your charitable contribution will be based on the full market value of your gift and you will completely avoid federal capital gains tax on the transfer.

Instructions for donating securities held by your broker, bank or other financial institution (DTC-eligible securities*):

  1. Prior to initiating your gift, please call Yvette Edlow in Barnard’s Development Office, at 646.745.8301. Barnard College needs advance notice of transfers to ensure that the College is prepared to receive the transfer and can acknowledge your gift properly and in a timely manner.

  2. Notify your broker that you want to make a gift of stocks or bonds to Barnard College and instruct your broker to transfer the securities, if DTC-eligible, to Barnard’s account with JPMorgan Chase. Your broker will need the following information:

JPMorgan Chase
DTC number: 0902
Credit to: Barnard College, Account: P26050

The tax identification number of Barnard College is 13-1628149.

View a sample Letter of Authorization to your broker.

If you wish to transfer securities to fund a Barnard planned gift, please contact Audra Lewton in Planned Giving at 212.870.2534 or

Instructions for donating securities held as physical certificates:

  1. Send the unendorsed stock certificate(s) or bond(s) either by regular or registered mail, together with a letter to the address below (i) stating that you are making a gift of securities to Barnard and (ii) indicating the purpose of the gift:

    Barnard College

    Planned Giving
    3009 Broadway
    New York, NY 10027-6598

    View a sample Stock Certificate Transmittal Letter.

  2. Under separate cover, send a stock or bond power for each stock certificate or bond to the address indicated above. You may obtain blank stock powers from your bank or broker, or you may print out a blank stock/bond power form.

    • Except for your signature on the power (and a bank or brokerage firm’s signature guarantee, often a “Medallion signature guarantee”), do not complete the stock or bond power form. Please note that your signature must exactly match the name that appears on the stock certificate or bond.

    • Please enclose a copy of the stock certificate transmittal letter with the signed power.

Donating shares of mutual funds:

*Please note that mutual fund shares may not be transferred through the DTC system. If you are considering a gift of mutual fund shares, please call Audra Lewton in Planned Giving at 212.870.2534.